social sustainability developments

The International Development and Policy Corporation (IDPC)

There are sufficient resources and knowledge to solve some of the current pressing and unmet societal needs. This generation in particular, and more than any other past generation, has both the material and intellectual resources to make a lasting impression on these needs.

We believe that profitability and sustainability can be ideals that sit comfortably together as well as have a key role in meeting these unmet needs.

Our 'commercialized philanthropy' approach, in particular, explores ways in which cross sector relationships can be forged to create both sustainability and profitability for businesses and society. Unlike traditional donor-recipient relationships, which works in some cases, we believe that the prospect of tangible economic gains can only spur businesses to do more for social sustainability

current and future initiatives include

Contributing to the delivery of Africa's 'better public health' Millennium Development Goals through strategic cross-sector partnerships.

Improving employability for some of the UK's disadvantaged and socially excluded groups through an innovative social enterprise vehicle

create the reality of the world we live in

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